Tea for Two Worlds

Paintings by Ken Boe
November 22 2008 thru January 3 2009
Opening Reception from 1 to 5 pm November 22

List of Works

1. Teleomental Tea Kettle; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
2. Teleoportal Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
3. Overflow Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
4. 4-D Tea Pot #1; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
5. 4-D In Tea Pot;oil and glitter nail polish on canvas;16x20;2008;$675
6. 4-D Towering Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
7. 4-D Abstraction Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
8. Secret Code Tea Pot #1; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
9. Secret Code Tea Pot #2; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
10. Palette Tea Pot #1;oil and al. tape on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
11. Palette Tea Pot #2; oil and duct on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
12. Tea For Two Worlds Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
13. Instrumental Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
14. Internal Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
15. Kung Fu Dragon Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
16. Projection Tea Kettle; oil on canvas; 16x29; 2008; $675.00
17. Taking Up Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
18. Other Tea Potoil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
19. Alien Phoenix Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
20. Venus To Mars Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00
21. Untouchable Tea Pot; oil on canvas; 16x20; 2008; $675.00


Its hard to remember what hasn't yet existed, so we forget to create or even like new things, and this reinforced by cliches such as "everythings been done" and "there's nothing new under the sun" and "you betcha," but cliche, idiom, type, and other familiar forms and figures are a good place to start. Cliche can be seen as "dead metaphor," so its a healthy job in society for artists to re-invent them and bring them back to life, as well as create new ones. Likewise, mindlessness dominates our experiences with familiar forms, forms whether its the buildings we drive past each day in the daily grind, no longer really seeing them, or objects such as Tea Pots. Now coffee pots might have been even more familiar thing for me to tweak but but Tea Pots are more common in at. Ceramic artists have had to deal with them extensively, and and ceramic workers who strive to be artists, not just artisans, have developed a genre of Tea Pots as sculpture, in fact, many of them are non-functional. They are objectified art objects. Keep that in mind.

The thingamajigs that seek to create are multi-leveled objects of art perception which probably don't strike the fancy of people who haven't struck a fancy for art (if you don't like modern art you don't like art, redundantly). In a society where most art teachers don't practice, where students are not developing a textural literacy of materials and medium, as art lovers we are like "Christians" who only go to church at Christmas, or smart people who dropped out of high school. Just haven't put the time into art, or art literacy, which is an on-going thing, and they might say that they, or even I have no idea what they are looking at, which is not a bad start, though I do use nice colors, so I'm not totally trying to piss you off. Well I use color as contrast in a heuristic problem-solving and semi-improvisational and experimental jam session of art making process, which happens "over time," just as use light and dark contrast to give my abstract images resonance. I think its interesting that the words "thing" and "time" are etymologically related. I give my abstract images names and other clues, like the word/idea "teapot" like I use color, and you can't pour tea out of a tea pot painting on canvas no matter how "realistic" it is, even if the paint is still wet. Well, you might like to have a guessing game" with abstract art, and I do you on, don't I? "Oh, its a rocket ship" or "oh, its a clown smoking a bong" but not really; that's you smoking the bong, and that's fine with me that you have your own interpretation, I actually design them for that, though I think that art as a guessing game is a real drag because I long ago noticed that its an end game, with the end being 'Escape From Having To Think About This Stuff,' in that once viewers have "guessed" what they think "it is," that's when they stop looking at it, and move on. You see, once we've put it into some neat little category, we can begin driving past it mindlessly on the way work like everything else. But the point of original art is to run interference with mindlessness, and enter new vocabulary and ways of seeing, and new metaphor and analogy, into our mindscape.

Of course, "total originality" could only be a rhetorical proposition as assuredly as "totally literal" is. But originality and new meaning can be found in everything as surely as the context of everything in how we experience life is constantly changing. Yet, in in judging and critiquing I think we judge more by comparison to the known, lacking any other basis in which to comprehend the onslaught of the ordinary Art should help us free our consciousness from the need to JUDGE BY COMPARISON, not be a parody of it. So just let the art work hang there and be present with it. Don't censor these thoughts which bubble up, but reMind yourself. its a dynamic art-work with multiple possible meanings like a dictionary is not just one definition, so keep it on the mind-shelf close to you for constant refreshment.

Be careful not to say so quickly what you like and don't like, for that could also become a dreadful reflex. We like what we decide to like, and all taste is acquired. That we don't recognize ourselves doing this is similar to not remembering our dreams.


Ken Boe......